Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Portfolio Work

Introduction -
Hello i am Travis Wood. I am an upcoming Game Developer interested primary in the ways of Level Design and Story writing. Below you will find some of my work that I have completed throughout my time at SAE. Some of the skills I have gained while at SAE are programming in the language of C#. While I wasn't attending SAE I spent a lot of my time creating different levels with the Engine of RPG Maker VX ace, sadly due to not backing up I no longer have any of these maps but I will most likely create more and upload them here as time goes by. I have various skills in business management and IT (Information and Technology), I play the guitar in my spare time giving me good hand eye coordination. I am a fast learner, have a determined mind, and am always willing to learn new things. I am a friendly individual and will always be willing to make new friends.

Maze Game -
Here is the first project I worked on at SAE, it is rather dull but overall it is something. It is a rather simple maze game where the goal is to just reach the other side using the basic WAS and D keys on the keyboard. You can download and check the game out with the link below.

Link to Maze Game- 

Weapon Generator -
Here's a weapon generator I created in another of my classes during my time at SAE. Simple in form and look but overall gets the job done. Just press space, and voila new weapon.

Link to Weapon Generator -

Basic Physics Game -
Here's a game I created within my 2nd trimester of my studies at SAE. A first person physics based game. The games concept is rather straight forward, your goal is to race to the end of the level as quickly as you can. There are 3 levels in which you can partake in. Try it out and see if you can beat your highscore!

Link to the Game - 

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